Never Miss a Monday

NMMWe’ll be bringing you simple, doable health and wellness tips every Monday, so I had to pick one of my favorite motivational sayings, “Never miss a Monday” as the title of our weekly posting, and of course, as our first tip!

I truly love this not only for it’s inspiration, but there is some real science behind it. A good example is a 2014 study in the journal “Obesity Facts” that found people who lost or maintained their weight over a long period of time would show slight weight gain on a Sunday or Monday, but were then able to recalibrate during the week. The key is that they indulged just a little so as to keep a flexible and enjoyable eating pattern but started out the new week being more diligent to reverse any possible gains.

Let’s Do it! Pick one wellness goal you have and ensure that no matter what, you complete that goal every Monday. Couldn’t fit in your run over the weekend because you were cheering on your kiddos at a soccer tournament… no problem, Sunday night put those running shoes on top of your bureau, nightstand, kitchen table, anywhere you’ll see them first thing. Once you’ve checked off one session you’ll be much more motivated to get out there again. Personally, I put a reminder in all caps in my calendar with this exact saying so that it pops up Sunday afternoon…it really helps me get away from the Sunday night blah’s and instead refocuses me on something positive I will be doing for myself…try it and let me know how it goes!

Be Well!

March 23, 2015


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