Never Miss a Monday – Healthy Snacks

I am always looking for ways to free up brain space, because really, there’s only so much stuff that can fit in there. Keeping a list of healthy snack ideas posted in your office and at home, with an added calendar reminder, is a perfect way to not only keep your wellness priorities front and center but it will also liven up your snack routine.

Start by just listing all of the current healthy, easy snacks you enjoy. Then think of any snack ideas that you always wanted to try or do a little internet search to see what new ideas look interesting to you. I caution…try not to just download/print out one of those “75 Healthy Snack Ideas”. It can be overwhelming and may frustrate you enough to make you skip using the list all together. A quick skim of one of these lists though may give you some new ideas, or remind you of something that you forgot about and can now add.

Not only should you print out this list and post at eye-level somewhere in your office and home, but you get bonus points if you add a reminder in your calendar either daily or every other day telling you to review the list. Habits are ways for our brain to go on auto-pilot a bit, so to really create lasting change we need to force ourselves to be more mindful of our choices until we’ve aligned our habits with our wellness goals. Once you’ve found yourself reaching for the healthy snacks more and more, you’ll rely less on the list and can eliminate the reminder.

I included my current standard list below, and although I only refer to this when I really feeling in a rut, I can tell you that I just recently added “Pickles” as a nice snack idea. I just happened to grab one late in the afternoon when I wanted a little something to munch and couldn’t believe I had never thought to have them before as a snack…full of flavor, nice crunch…I highly recommend!

Terry’s Snack List

• Piece of fruit – apple, pear, peach etc, optional – w/ handful of nuts
• 1/2 banana with 1 tbsp Justin’s Maple Almond Butter
• Any handful of fresh veggie – Celery, carrot sticks, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, cucumber with salt;
• 1/2 100% whole wheat english muffin or toast with 1 raspberry preserves (prefer Bonne Maman)
• Reheated leftover veggies
• Small black bean quesadilla (small 100% whole wheat tortilla, black beans on one half, sprinkle of mexican/cheddar cheese, fold in half and heat in microwave 1min+)
• Fage plain greek yogurt with 1-2 tsp raspberry preserves mixed in, sprinkle of granola (using my homemade granola now!)
• Popcorn homemade, small bag of Indiana Kettle Corn
• Smoothie – chocolate banana PB; blueberry ginger yogurt
• Small bowl of high fiber cereal , muesili, or oatmeal
• Van’s multigrain waffle topped with warmed up blueberries (fresh or frozen)
• Trader Joe’s Teriyaki Turkey Jerky
• Hard-boiled egg
• Pickle spears, optional wrapping pickle in slice of turkey or ham

Be Well!

March 30, 2015


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