Soule Homestead – Heart and Soule of Middleborough

Soule signBy Pamela Denholm

Soule Homestead is a 120 acre farm in Middleborough, with a history dating back to 1622.  Over the many years, it has seen its fair share of triumph and tragedy, successful business ventures, marriages, children, fires, accidents (cows once fell through the barn floor).  It has been a dairy farm for most of its history, until 1983 when the cows were all sold and the farmer turned to haying fields to earn a living (8,000 – 10,000 bales a year).  Eventually, though, it was sold.  Despite numerous offers from developers, it was the town of Middleborough that acquired the farm, and now it lies in the care of the Soule Homestead Education Center.

Soule Homestead might be a bit of a hike for some of our Quincy customers, but for a day’s outing, it is so worth the drive.  The bucolic setting, rolling landscape and open sky is very welcoming, and there are always activities on the calendar for anyone of any age.  For you under 5-year olds who want to expend some energy in the open space, listen to a story and visit with the animals, or teenagers who might like to get out of the house for bit, learn a craft, go for a hike, or do some gardening, they have it all.  Heritage-based craft classes for wool spinning, print making, rug braiding, quilting, basket weaving, and candle making are also offered regularly, as too are regular features around farming, agriculture and sustainability – want to learn to forage for food?  Keep bees?  Garden?

And throughout the months of July and August they have an open air concert series for music lovers.

Speaking of summer, there are a wide range of summer activities to keep families busy, farm-based school vacation programs (which we get asked about often).  Activities around star-gazing, owl-prowling, mushroom walks, landscape painting . . . seems like I can just go on and on.  We are so fortunate that the South Shore is dotted with open spaces and farms that are family friendly, and Soule Homestead is definitely one such treasure.

Soule Homestead ‘Green Film Series’

Soule landscapeThe Soule Homestead in Middleborough is happy to announce the beginning of a ‘Green Film Series’, with the screening of ‘GMO OMG’ on Friday May 15th at 7pm. The film follows concerned father (the filmmaker) Jeremy Seifert as he searches for answers about GMOs (genetically modified organisms in 80% of our food), and how they affect our children, the health of our planet, and our freedom of choice. The screening will be hosted by Soule Board Member Mike Gioscia (aka ‘The Green Dad’), a local food activist who helps raise awareness of GMOs and the efforts in Massachusetts (and the USA) to have them labeled. Q&A to follow the film, and organic popcorn will be served! Donations accepted.

The Soule Homestead Education Center
46 Soule St, Middleborough, MA 02346
(508) 947-6744
Mike Gioscia



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