Never Miss a Monday – Just Park & Walk

parkOne of the best ways to improve our overall health is to build in physical activity into our daily lives. This is true for every person, whether you are a regular exerciser or someone who hasn’t quite found his or her exercise niche. I get it though, life is busy, and many of us don’t have time to bike around town doing our errands, or walk the 20 flights of stairs up to our office. (bravo if you do though!)

My NMAM tip for the week is quite simple and aims to not only increase daily activity but has a dash of peace of mind to go along with it. From this point forward, when you are driving into any parking lot, garage, etc…Just park. And walk. Stop the never-ending quest for the ultimate close-to-the-door parking spot. Make a habit of parking in the first available parking space you see. It doesn’t need to be at the far corners of the lot, just one that is open at that moment and is a reasonable walking distance for you. You’ll be surprised how freeing this can be, especially when you pull into a mall parking lot and don’t have to go through the mental checklist of which entrance is closest to the store you are heading to, and then trying to find the closest spot to that entrance. Just park. And walk. Your mind and body will thank you!

Be Well!

April 20, 2015


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