Never Miss a Monday – Add a Veggie Course First

veggie firstLet’s get fancy and healthy…add a first course to dinnertime and make veggies the star! If you’re serious about healthy eating then you know the more vegetables each day the better, but people often stumble on how to do this consistently. You may have heard the suggestions of making half your plate vegetables or being sure to eat your vegetables first. These are good ideas…until we have that nice plate of sizzling steak in front of us too…and then we start giving the steak a bit more plate real estate then we meant to, or we take a few bites of our veggies…but that juicy steak can really be too hard to resist…and next thing we know, our stomach is full but our plate still has a pile of wilting salad staring right back up at us.

If you’ve read any of my previous NMAM posts (anyone? Bueller?) you’ll see that I am a big fan of reducing the need for willpower when it comes to wellness. In this case, make veggies a priority and give them their own course, leaving the main meal in the kitchen to be served afterwards (remember though, we are trying up the ante on vegetables, so the 2nd course should still include a vegetable side along with the protein and whole grain). Keep it simple…bowl of greens, cup of squash soup, plate of raw veggies, tomato/basil salad; anything goes as long as it is veggie based. And if you have kids at home, check out some of the tips from Bethany’s last N2F Blog Posting “Making Dinner Time Fun” (…/making-dinner…/). Sophisticated and nutritious…now that’s a meal!

Be well,

April 27, 2015


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