Never Miss a Monday – Goal Mantras

mantra“man·tra” – a statement or slogan repeated frequently.

Have you ever had a time where you needed to coach yourself through a situation? For example, before walking in to do a major presentation you repeatedly said to yourself “speak slow and clear, speak slow and clear”; or you’re in the drive-thru at the coffee shop and the person in front orders 8 Frapuccino’s, 6 hot sandwiches and a dozen scones so you need to repeatedly tell yourself “don’t ram their car, don’t ream their car”…? Either case, this is actually a form of mindfulness and it’s a great way to refocus your attention to what’s important. (like…not upping your insurance premium…)

This same tactic can be used when trying to meet any of the wellness goals you’ve set for yourself. Make it short and specific – trying to run your first 10k, how about “Run 10”; looking to up your sleep quota, try “Get 8”; increasing your fruit and veggie intake, start with “Just 5”; looking to lose a little weight, maybe 1lb/week, then go with “Down 1”. Remember, this is only for the little voice in your head to repeat, it doesn’t need to qualify for a Pinterest inspirational quote board so just pick one goal and create the mantra.

The real key is once you’ve come up with your goal-specific mantra, you now need to repeat it at various times during the day to keep that wellness goal front-and-center as you make the myriad of choices you face throughout the day. As you go to hit the snooze button, think “Run 10” to help get you up and out on the road; it’s snack time, and you’re choosing between an apple and a candy bar, repeat “Down 1”; it’s getting late and you’re trying to decide whether to watch just one more House of Cards episode, say “Get 8”. Focus on just one goal and mantra for as long as you need to until you feel you’ve created enough mindfulness around that goal that you can move onto the next one.

If anyone wants to brainstorm on coming up with a goal-related mantra, feel free to post here or PM me, I’m happy to help!

Be well,

May 4, 2015


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