Never Miss a Monday – Exercise Add It Up

Exercise“If I could save tiiiime in a botttllle…” and sell it for $1 each, boy would I make some money. Unfortunately, I don’t have that extra time to give you (and for my N2F friends I would totally share!), but when it comes to fitting in the all-important weekly aerobic activities, today’s NMAM Tip of the Week will help you make the most of those finite hours.

Novice exercisers are often challenged with finding the initial 30 minutes in their day to fit it in consistently; and more experienced exercisers have their time blocked off for their routine but often level out as they don’t see how they can possibly add on any more. This happens because we often view exercise as one 30-60+ minute chunk of our day. But here’s the great thing about exercise and improving our health…it doesn’t have to be done all at once. You just need to do a minimum of 10 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity at various points during the day (and only 3-5 days per week…please be sure to take time to rest those muscles!)

My suggestion is to break it down to just two points during the day. If your’re new to the exercise game, you’re just looking for 15 mins each, or a 20 min and 10 min sessions. For example, wake up just a tad earlier and do 15 mins on the treadmill; at night, take a 15 min brisk walk after dinner. Those of you with an exercise schedule already, find that 2nd point in the day where you can add in another 10 min session. Already running 40 mins after work? Take 10 mins in the morning to jump rope.

As you progress and start to see your stamina increase, you can up the 2nd 10 min session to 20 mins, etc. Go to the attached link for a smorgasbord of both moderate and vigorous activities to help keep up your interest level (…/physical/pdf/PA_Intensity_table_2_1.pdf). The key is to be sure the activity gets your heart-pumping and you break a sweat, and of course, make it fun!

Be well,

May 11, 2015


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