Never Miss a Monday – Count Down to Wellness

Count Down DaysI don’t know about you, but I am excited for July 4th to get here to kick-off the summer. That means I have almost 2 months to get ready for beach season…pass the ice cream! Well, actually it’s in 7 weeks (uh oh…I’ll get to the gym next week). Hmm, really, it is only 49 days away…eeek…I’m going for a run!! When people have to choose between something tempting today versus a benefit in the future (ie, sleeping in versus going to the gym), those who choose the temptation today are often thought to be thinking of themselves as two people…current me, who is much more important, vs. future me, who can totally wait. A recent study in Psychological Science (…/20…/04/23/0956797615572231.abstract) tested this out and found that when people felt more connected to the future self, they were able to delay today’s gratification.

How did they get more connected? You guessed it, just by changing the time metrics on their goal to smaller units the goal felt “closer” and therefore more relevant to the current self. Find a future goal, for example, run a 10k in six months, and reduce it so now you have 180 days to prepare. Put up a big sheet of paper, and start crossing out and counting down as they days go by. As you see the time flying by daily you’ll be much more motivated to get out there and train. Apply this strategy to any deadline, wellness or not, and see yourself procrastinating less and hitting those goals!
Be well,
May 18, 2015

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