Never Miss a Monday – Make Your Bed

State of bed“Did you make your bed today?” No, it isn’t your Mom and Dad writing this post, but if you answered yes you should be thanking them not only for teaching you a tidy house habit, but a life lesson that affects productivity, mood, stress and happiness. (feel free to go give them a thank-you call, I’ll wait….).

Full disclosure, I didn’t always make my bed in the morning. I would run out of the house in a whirlwind, leaving my blankets and sheets to fend for themselves. And of course at night when it was time to go to bed, it was stressful to look at the mess before trying to settle in for the night. Sound familiar? Then I heard this quote and it would niggle at me during the day, til finally I just decided, I’m going to make my bed every day. There’s no quarters bouncing off of it but just pulling the sheets up and straightening the blanket definitely makes me feel like I’m starting the day with a clear head.

We’re all looking to check things off our to-do lists, so why not start with a sense of accomplishment as soon as your day starts? And this one small habit can begin to build on other small habits as it makes you realize that certain tasks don’t take as long as you think they do, and the sense of completion and stress reduction is well worth the time.

Try this challenge – sit down anywhere in your house and time yourself for 5 mins… not…doing…anything. Go ahead, I dare ya. You’ll quickly realize that 5 minutes is a loonnggg time. So now, do you think you have 2 minutes to make your bed in the morning? What about 5 minutes to pack healthy snacks the night before school and work? Can you take 20 mins on a Sunday morning to do some prep work for healthy meals for the week? Like all tasks, once they become habits, they not only go faster but they can become ingrained so that you are using less actual brain power to complete, saving up that energy for that next new healthy habit on your list.

And really…go call your folks, it’ll only take a minute.

Be Well,
May 25, 2015


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