Never Miss a Monday – Daydream your way to wellness


For all you daydreamers out there, keep your head in the clouds. Despite what you may have been told growing up, daydreaming has many benefits, from lifting moods to enhancing empathy. ( From a wellness coaching perspective, daydreaming is a key element in not only formulating your wellness vision but it also acts as a reinforcement, adding to your motivation to continue down the path.

Take 10 minutes to yourself, sit in a quiet area, and allow yourself to daydream on what is important to you when it comes to your wellness. When formulating your wellness vision, nothing is off-limits. Use this as your own personal brainstorming session, allowing thoughts to come into your mind, creating connections, evoking feelings, until you start to really visualize what your own personal wellness looks and feels like.

As you work towards this vision with relevant goals and activities, be sure to schedule time weekly for this daydreaming session, allowing those positive emotions to buoy you on your journey. You may find that the vision changes slightly as you continue down your path, no worries, continue to allow these sessions to help sharpen your vision and goals, and even create new paths for you to venture down. But no matter what path you follow, be sure to always make time for your daydreams.

Sweet Dreams!


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