Never Miss a Monday: Let’s Review!

Let's reviewWe are hit week-in and week-out with information, often much of it not registering as we “swipe” past the next article, headline, post, tweet, etc. This seemed like the perfect time to revisit our recent NMAM tips (see list below) to help reinforce some lessons learned, and to also allow you to catch up on a few you may have missed. Check out our blog. “A Fresh Take on a Healthy Community” […/never-miss-a-…/] for all things NMAM!

1.Never Miss a Monday!
2.Create a Healthy snack list and post at home and the office. Bonus if
you add a calendar reminder!
3.Make dark chocolate a go-to for sweet cravings. Be sure it is high-quality and minimally processed for antioxidant benefits!
4.Make a daily eating deadline.
5.Just park. And walk.
6.Add a veggie 1st course to dinnertime!
7.Create a short, goal-specific mantra, repeat daily!
8.Exercise…add it up!
9.Count down the “days” to reach your wellness goals
10.The state of your bed is the state of your head.
11.Have a healthy “lunch”…at breakfast!
12.For a healthy whole grain product, look for a 10:1 carb-to-fiber ratio.
13.Pin down your thoughts to ease stress and sleep better.
14.Sitting is only to take a rest from moving.
15.Daydream your way to wellness.


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