Never Miss a Monday – Get comfortable getting uncomfortable

uncomfortableIt seems that there is an innate desire in people to move forward, to grow, to improve upon their current condition. Many times though that desire does not translate into action. We have our comfort zones, our routines that get us through our days and weeks often with ease. These have an important part in our lives, especially if we are feeling overwhelmed or during times of stress. But what happens when we spend too much time in our comfort zones…well, we get comfortable.

Growth, learning, progress…they all require stepping out of your comfort zone and changing things up. People who are continually realizing their goals often have the same fears and concerns that people who don’t try to make that leap. The difference is that they’ve put themselves in enough situations where they’ve become confident in being able to handle discomfort. If you want to be the person that you truly envision, you need to get comfortable getting uncomfortable.

Find one ambition you often dream of but have never made a move towards because of fear, whether it’s fear of failure, fear in not knowing how to begin, fear of being embarrassed, etc, and choose just one step towards that goal that you’ll complete in the next 14 days. Go to a gym for the first time, cook a new recipe with unfamiliar ingredients, sign-up for a music class, visit a part of your city/state that you’ve never ventured to before, strike up a conversation with a fellow commuter. Choose to act like the person you want to be, expecting the discomfort, but pushing through it until you come out the other side of it. This may take a few steps, a couple of leaps, some falls too of course, but all of those will lead you to a new and improved comfort zone.


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