Never Miss a Monday: Schedule an Empowerment Day each week.

Empowrment“I could never [give up sugar/meditate/take a spin class/[fill-in-the-blank]!” When it comes to your wellness, think of how you would fill-in-the-blank to this statement, maybe you even said something like this today or this week. The more we hear our own negative talk, the more we become entrenched with the idea. But really, it’s all about choice. You could “give up sugar/meditate/take a spin class/[fill-in-the-blank]” but you are choosing not to, due to a variety of reasons.

Just as you choose not to do something, wouldn’t it be great to just turn the tables, shed the excuses and for one day give yourself the authority to do what you “never” thought you were capable of accomplishing. Pick any day of the week that works for you and empower yourself to do just that. Find that “fill-in-the-blank” you’ve been hearing yourself say over and over again:

• “I could never be vegetarian.” That’s fine, but for one day could you go meatless, what’s the worst that could happen, you eat toooo many vegetables??
• “I could never give up soda.” Liberate yourself from that negativity and choose health for the day. Drink water/soda water, flavor it with fruit, but just don’t drink soda.
• “I could never meditate.” Find 10 mins on that one day to sit down in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, and just be mindful of staying calm, breathing. That’s it, you just started meditating.

Schedule your Empowerment Day each week and it’s up to you if you choose to focus on the same “fill-in-the-blank” each week until you’ve got the hang of it, or if you want to switch it up and jump to the next challenge. Either way, draw on those feelings of reward and accomplishment from past Empowerment Days to stay inspired…and empowered!

Be Well,


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