Public Hearing for GMO Labeling in Boston 9/22/15

Right to knowBy Pamela Denholm

We have covered the issue of GMO’s in our newsletter rather extensively over the years. In genetic engineering (GE), technicians extract genes from one form of life and insert them into another (they can put fish genes into a strawberry). In doing so, GE can create totally new organisms which will pass these genetic changes on to their offspring. We have covered how genetic engineering to create genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) can impact our environment, and our health.

On September 22, 2015 at 1pm in the Gardner Auditorium at the Massachusetts State House, the Agriculture Committee will hear arguments for and against transparency in GMO food labeling. This is an absolutely critical opportunity to make your voice heard and to send a strong message to state legislators! More than just needing to know what we’re eating, for me this fight is for the right to choose! You should be able to tell if a product you are purchasing contains GMO’s, they are labeled in other countries, and there is no good reason the information should be withheld from you if you ask for it. And there really isn’t a good reason why these products shouldn’t be labeled. I can’t think of one. So we need the legislature to pass mandatory GMO labeling THIS SESSION! We are not fighting for a label, we are fighting for access to information pertaining to our food, and the right to choose. So here are the details of the hearing if you are inspired and would like to take action:

“Special Pre-Hearing Event” at 12 noon at the State House (TBA)

Public Hearing begins at 1p.

The Massachusetts GMO labeling bill (H.3242) is the most popular bill in the State House, with over 75% of the legislature signed on as co-sponsors. We could soon join with Connecticut, Maine and Vermont in setting the standard for national mandatory GMO labeling. But if it’s going to come up for a vote this session, we need to turn out with undeniable energy and make this a priority for legislators this year. With 30 new GMO crops in the pipeline and Monsanto working to pass the federal DARK Act, we don’t have time to waste.

Please help us fill up the hearing room with GMO labeling supporters. MA Right to Know GMOs is a statewide network of safe food and consumer advocates supporting mandatory GMO labeling. We invite you to join us and make your voice heard.

You can RSVP for the hearing on the website below. We also invite you to submit written testimony in support of GMO labeling, even if you can’t attend in person. If you want to speak at the hearing, you’re welcome to do so, but having your presence there is just as important.

What you can do right now:

RSVP for the hearing (website below)!

Submit written testimony before the hearing

Share the event on Facebook:  Massachusetts Right to Know GMOs

Spread the word with fliers and posters:

Donate $25 to pay for someone else’s bus ride to the hearing:

Curious what to expect at the public hearing? Here’s a detailed guide to what the day will be like and how you can be part of it!

Please feel free to ask any questions at info@marighttoknow.

To RSVP, submit testimony, or find more information visit:


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