Never Miss a Monday: Go Halfway!

GohalfwayOkay, so this is not a tagline that is going to go viral. I realize it doesn’t quite have the oomph of “Go big or go home!” but what it lacks in cheerleaderness (pretty sure I just made that word up by the way), it more then makes up for in reality.   When it comes to improving the way we eat, which is usually decreasing a bad habit or increasing a good habit (or both!), it can be intimidating to make the change if we think it’s all or nothing.

In addition, from a strictly physiological point of view, we have the ability to change our taste preferences but it doesn’t happen overnight. Even though it is only making a change halfway, it is likely your taste buds will still notice. I promise that if you give it a bit of time, your palate will acclimate and you’ll get to the point that you can’t believe you once preferred such a sugary coffee or such bland sandwich bread.

Below are three areas where everyone can usually use some improvement…pick one from each list (or make your own half-sie!) and start to “Go halfway!” (add in pom-poms here…)

Increase Fiber:

  • Make one slice of your sandwich bread 100% whole wheat
  • Go all Seinfeld on your cereal and combine a high fiber cereal (ideally 5g+ fiber per serving) with your current go to cereal.
  • Substitute half of your white flour in baking with white whole wheat flour (this is just as healthy as regular whole wheat flour but milder tasting)

Reduce Sugar:

  • Cut your soda/sports drink/juice with half soda water (try a non-sugar flavored one to add a fun taste twist, like Poland Black Cherry…you just made yourself a cherry coke!)
  • Split your flavored oatmeal packet in half, and add in 2+ tablespoons of rolled oats before cooking.
  • Ask your favorite barista to only add in half the amount of flavoring to your coffee.
  • Mix ½ plain greek yogurt with ½ of your favorite flavored yogurt.

Increase Vegetables:

  • Get on the kale train…when you sauté up baby spinach, make half kale. Or better yet, mix it up and make 1/3 baby spinach, 1/3 kale, 1/3 swiss chard.
  • Can’t do a whole salad for lunch…then just make it half your lunch and add a small salad to your plate. Handful of greens and a drizzle of oil is all you need!
  • Double the amount of veggies for any recipe, especially soups and stews.

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