Staff Review: T-Bone Steak Seasoned With Coffee Salt

B - KevinReviewer: Kevin Shain

Howdy folks! Kevin here! I’m the guy that packs all of the meat orders every week, so I find it a delicious coincidence that I get to review a T-bone steak with the Coffee Sea Salt from Atlantic Saltworks.

The steaks come individually vacuum wrapped, and ours weighed in at just over a pound and a half. I put a generous amount of the coffee sea salt on both sides of the steak just before putting it on the grill. I cooked it medium rare, as I usually do, and pulled it from the grill and covered it for a few minutes to let it rest.



The steak exceeded my expectations of what a steak should be, even from a fancy restaurant. It was so tender and delicious, it just melted in your mouth as you were eating it. This T-bone was the best steak I’ve had in ages! The Coffee Sea Salt did not make the steak taste like coffee, instead, the coffee brought out more flavor in the beef in a way that plain sea salt just does not. I will be purchasing more steaks myself, and will be using the Coffee Sea Salt on all of them! Go on, give it a try, I wouldn’t STEER you wrong! (Haha! See what I did there?!)

About Featherbrook Farm:

Tad is very selective, his beef really does offer superior quality because he hand picks healthy animals from an extensive network of conscientious ranchers. These animals are raised right here in New England, are pastured, and have access to ample grain too so they have plenty energy to weather the cold. This is not a large scale operation, this is not a feedlot, it is a small arrangement that supports small family farms and conscientious husbandry. And the proof is in the pudding . . . er . . . steak.

About Kevin:

Drummer, baker, grill master – and Kevin knows every lyric, every beat, every tune, to every song ever written, and is a walking encyclopedia of movie facts too.  A born entertainer (starring in the latest Ghostbusters as a metal head – yes, you can actually see him outside the concert venue) who breaks the occasional drumstick, Kevin is here every Monday and Wednesday folks (we should sell tickets!) and on Thursdays and Fridays, he takes the show on the road. Our show. The green bins I mean. He delivers!


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