Summer Crack

Scarecrow (2)By Pamela Denholm

Summer time is good eating time. As beautiful food starts trickling in from local farms for us to pack and deliver, we start salivating. While we load up the packing table and get orders ready, our belly’s start whimpering with anticipation. By the time we are halfway through our second packing run, our tummy-monsters are making roar-growls!

We have no choice but to feed this monster. If we don’t, the beast will not be tamed. We were not always this way, you understand, but it is one of the hazards of the job we do.  Fresh-faced newbies join us all shy and innocent, unaware that their beast inside is about to be awakened. It can’t be helped, they can’t be spared. Passing beautiful sun ripened tomatoes, and fresh, sweet, corn picked at the crack of dawn down the packing line makes you weak with desire.

Here is what we do: we feed ourselves. This summer, a recipe emerged as a firm favorite – it is easy, all raw, takes ten minutes to prepare, and is so satisfying hungry tummies are quieted until after our work is done. Because we cannot get enough of this recipe, it has been nick-named ‘Summer Crack’ by the SSO crew.

Summer Crack 1 Portrait w bread


  • 1 pint halved cherry tomatoes
  • 2 ears fresh, raw corn
  • whatever else you have (we have used scallions, onions, cucumbers, ramshorn peppers, avocado, parsley – seriously, you can’t mess this up, add whatever you like)
  • olive oil (just a gloop – good olive oil if you have it, and we do)
  • juice from half a lemon
  • salt and pepper


  • slice raw corn off cob into a bowl
  • add tomato and whatever else you have
  • drizzle with olive oil
  • squeeze the lemon
  • sprinkle salt and pepper
  • toss, and serve

Prepare yourself. We’ve been riding the dragon all summer, but this is your first time. So go steady. Dish up a small amount. There are side affects, you can expect to behave like a ravenous wild person from the woods, who hasn’t seen food or utensils in years. A shovel would not suffice as a spoon. It’s THAT good. Truly.

We have enjoyed it with tortilla chips, with bread from My Little Bakery, on tacos, and with fresh mozzarella. I have served it as a side at barbecues, in front of the TV for a movie night, to family, to friends. But our most favorite way to eat Summer Crack is when you are hungry, and with a big spoon.

About Pamela: Pam spends most of her time coordinating with farmers to plan the season – filling the baskets with a wide variety of delicious fresh food, and working on the farm to table logistics.  Her special talent is pulling rabbits out of hats, and now, she can add crack making to her resume too.


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