October Cooking Challenge: Week 1, Meal 4 – Lo Mein Lettuce Wraps

Week one of the challenge drew to a close with a very busy night. I was very thankful I had the foresight to cook the remaining vegetables into a double serving of Vegetable Lo Mein – a decision that ‘served’ me well – ha ha! If I’d had more time, I would have turned the leftovers into a veggie noodle soup, using the veggie scraps from the week to make a veggie stock base. But I didn’t have the time.  So here’s what I did!



left over Vegetable Lo Mein

1/2 a green leaf lettuce

salt and pepper to taste


Tip: I received this lettuce a week ago, but it is still fresh and crisp thanks to how it was stored. If you wrap your greens in a damp cotton towel (I had it in an organic cotton vejibag, made in Maine) in the crisper drawer of your fridge, they will keep for 10 days to 2 weeks with ease.



Step 1 – Prepare Vegetables (2 minutes)

img_3914Trim the lettuce and wash well

Pat the lettuce dry with a clean dry cotton towel (or paper towel)








Step 2 – ASSEMBLE WRAPS (10 minutes)

img_3915Lay the lettuce leaf out, stem side closest to you.

Spoon two to three heaped tablespoons of cold Lo Mein near the base.

Tuck the base of the leaf over the Lo Mein and roll tightly towards the top of the leaf.

As the you near the top of the leaf, it widens, and you can fold the sides over the top to contain the wrap and prevent spillage.

I made ten wraps from the leftovers.

Tip: You could also use rice paper to wrap both the lettuce and the Lo Mein

Step 3 – Plating the Food (2 minutes)

img_3916Put two-to-three wraps on a plate.

Add a dipping bowl of soy sauce for flavor.








Quick Analysis

Assessment: This was quick and easy and filling. Was it the most ground-breaking meal I have had? No. But it was enjoyable, and it was healthy. I’d make it again.

Total time: under 15 minutes

Mess factor: virtually none

Waste: None

What’s Left Over for the Week?

4oz Atwells Gold cheese from Narragansett Creamery – which I am saving for a quiche.


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