Week 1 Summary & Meal Kit Comparison

For the October Cooking Challenge, we wanted to do a comparison between what we offer, and the meal kit companies out there. We are all busy, my household is no exception, and we need help! So I laid out some ground rules, and got to work. Looking for recipes and planning out my basket, then making a shopping list literally took me around 45 minutes. Here are the recipes I made:

Meal 1 – Sweet Potato and Chard Calzones, with a salad

Meal 2 – Tandoori Chicken with Spaghetti Squash and Green Beans

BONUS Meal – Vegetable Lo Mein

BONUS Meal – Vegetable Lo Mein Lettuce Wraps (the other option was a soup)

BONUS – Veggie Stock

What was left over from my delivery?

4oz of Atwells Gold Cheese (saving for a quiche)

1 bulb of Garlic (will keep)


Value Comparison




Let’s Be Honest. How Much Time Did it Take?

It took me about 45 minutes to take the list of basket contents, and formulate a plan with recipes, and I looked online to make sure my ‘add-ons’ were within budget.

The few extra items I needed from the store, I got when I was going for something else.

In other words, I did not feel like it was a massive time investment. What took the most amount of time this week (and was the most fun), was photographing my food!


The food was good. Not cordon-bleu-five-star-dining good, but tasty and satisfying.

Breaking down the delivery into meals at the beginning of the week, choosing recipes, and sourcing the extras, was very, very helpful. Usually I just wing it. I am versatile enough of a cook to get away with it. But the ‘what’s for dinner tonight’ scramble is no fun whether you are versatile or not, and I found that I had a much better handle on our meals. It was nice not to scramble. And I spent less money.

Check in tomorrow for this week’s plan.


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