October Cooking Challenge – Week 2

The results are in from our first week, and I was so surprised. Truly! You can feed your family a healthy organic locally sourced meal for less than the price of a Big Mac Meal from MacDonalds!

This week, I am sharing my menu plan early in case you want to cook with me! Remember the parameters of the challenge? Okay, well here’s what I have going on in the kitchen this week:

Green Veggie Box – $40

1.5lb green tomatoes

2 acorn squash


2lbs sweet potatoes

8oz green peppers

1lb green beans

1 bunch red beets

1 bunch yellow carrots

1 bunch kale

1 head lettuce

8oz crimini mushrooms

1 bunch scallions

From the South Shore Organics Local Market

Here’s what I ordered extra, for $37.02 (I needed a few dollars extra at the store for shrimp):


8oz ginger

1lb limes

1bu cilantro

1bu basil

8oz feta

1.2lb beef sirloin tip steak

1/2 dozen eggs

From the Fish Market/Store

Spend was $12.98:

12oz shrimp (this is my plan, but I might change my mind when I get to the market and the shrimp is farm raised – but it will be another seafood)

32oz organic long grain white rice

sachet of yeast (I keep a sourdough starter going for our bread – it’s cheaper than store bought bread and tastes better and its cleaner, so I don’t actually need this to make pizza dough. However, part of the challenge is to use what everybody has in their pantry, and not everybody has a sourdough starter,! A sachet of yeast is inexpensive – 50c – and it will get the job done but once this challenge is over, I’ll do a post on baking bread – it’s easy!)


Meal 1 – Pan Fried Shrimp with Lime Chili Rice (with Carrots, Ginger, and Green Beans)

Meal 2 – Italian Steak ‘n Eggs with Kale, Crimini, & Sweet Potato Hash


Meal 3 – Roasted Beet Pizza with Feta, Beet Greens Drizzled with Balsamic Glaze, and a Salad

Meal 4 – Stuffed Acorn Squash (I’ll use whatever is left for the week)


I’ll post as a I cook, check back in for recipes, and join me!


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