October Cooking Challenge: Week 2, Meal 1 – Italian Steak and Egg with Hash

I often think ‘things will quiet down after this week’ – but they never seem to. Crazy is the new normal. My mom often comments that the pace at which we fly through our days is sheer lunacy, and she doesn’t know how we do it. I agree with her, it’s wacky. I don’t know how we do it either, and I don’t quite know how to slow the speeding bullet train.

I have to say doing this challenge and planning out our meals has actually been an ENORMOUS help. Much more than I realized. I think about it once, up front, make a list, and then I am done. I don’t think about it again. No more ‘what’s for dinner’ scrambles. So, if nobody gets anything out of this experience other than me planning my menu, I’ll still be very glad I did this challenge!

Steak, egg, and home made fries are a nostalgic dinner choice for me. My mom used to make it once a week, more or less, and we would eat it in front of the TV watching the A-Team or MacGuyver. This recipe is an elevated, healthier version of my nostalgic classic, but it really made me want to watch old A-Team re-runs  to round out the experience!


img_40021.2lb sirloin tip steak (excellent choice)

1 bunch kale

2 green peppers

8oz crimini mushrooms

2lbs sweet potatoes

3 cloves garlic

paprika or cayenne pepper

salt and pepper to taste

olive oil



Step 1 – Prepare Steak & Vegetables (10 minutimg_4005es)

Remove the steak, pat with paper towel to remove excess moisture, season with salt and pepper

Remove stems from kale, and chop into 1/2-inch ribbons

Peel and dice sweet potatoes

Core and dice green peppers

Slice mushrooms

Peel and mince garlic




Step 2 – Make Hash (10-15 minutes)

img_4007In a large pan add a little olive oil and saute the garlic on medium-high heat

Add the green peppers and sweet potato and stir

Continue to stir occasionally until sweet potato softens







Step 3 – Cook Steak (20 minutes)

img_4006Heat oven to 400 degrees

In a large pan, heat a little coconut oil over medium-high heat

Add your seasoned steak to sear it, about 3 minutes until it is nice and brown

Turn steak and cool for another 3 minutes

Remove steak from stove, place on baking sheet, cover with a tinfoil tent and pop it in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Tip: The steak was large and quite a thick cut, I find roasting steaks to finish them keeps them tender and gives them great flavor.

Step 4 – Finish the Hash (5 minutes)

img_4008Add mushrooms and kale to the hash, stir occasionally

Season with cayenne pepper or paprika to taste

Step 5 – Fry the eggs (4 minutes)

Give the large frying pan that the steak was in a quick wipe (I have ceramic coated non-stick)

Add a little coconut oil, and fry four eggs to order



Step 6 – Plating the meal

img_4010Remove steak from oven, slice into strips

Spoon two generous servings of the kale and sweet potato hash onto the plate

Add a few strips of steak

Top with fried egg


(This was my husbands plate, he likes his steak and his eggs well done. I like my steak medium and my yolks runny. It is easy to remove the steak part way through cooking and slice a piece of it off, and put the rest back if you so desire. Eggs can be fried to order).


Quick Analysis

Assessment: My husband praised my efforts! Okay, he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, so it figures. But it really was delicious, one of the best meals I have cooked this challenge.

Total time: approx 45 minutes

Mess factor: this was a messier  undertaking. I don’t know what it was, I only used two pans and a baking sheet, but my husband cleared the plates and commented on the explosion of chaos in the kitchen. It didn’t take long to clean up though.

Waste: a BPA free bag, and the bag the steak came in. About a pint of vegetable scraps for a veggie stock at the end of the week, egg shells for the compost heap.

What’s Left Over for the Week?

1.5lb green tomatoes (on my windowsill ripening)

2 acorn squash

4oz green peppers

1lb green beans

1 bunch red beets

1 bunch yellow carrots

1 head lettuce

1 bunch scallions

From the South Shore Organics Local Market

8oz ginger

1lb limes

1bu cilantro

1bu basil

8oz feta

2 eggs

From the Fish Market/Store

12oz shrimp

32oz organic long grain white rice


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